Surgical Technician Salary Factsheet

Salary of a Surgery Tech

Spotlight Article: Job Description

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A surgical technologist is someone who has chosen a career as a surgical technician in the fascinating and dramatic world of the operating room. Learn all about the dramatic life of a Surgical Technician. Read more in this in-depth article.

Salary of a Surgery Tech

Becoming a Surgical Technician

An exciting and dramatic career as a surgical technologist awaits those who want to work in the allied health industry, are very organized, have a calm personality, and enjoy work that presents new challenges every day.

A Surgical Tech Career Begins With Education and Ends With High Pay! Find out how to get started in this career.

Salary of a Surgery Tech

Spotlight Article: Salary

Read a job description for Surgical Technologists and the words “clean and cool” always seem to appear. They describe the working environment you will find when choosing this particular career.

But you’ll be happy and excited when you discover that the average annual wage for a surgical technologist according to the latest data collected by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is $45,010 per year and there’s plenty of room to grow with years of experience and specialization.

A certified surgical technician assists a surgeon in the operating room, preparing equipment and patients and assisting during surgery. This fast-growing career field is both challenging and rewarding and can provide a comfortable income. Read on to find out if you have what it takes to become a surgical technician.

What is the starting and average salary of a Surgical Tech?

Surgical technicians can expect to earn between $30,780 and $62,170 per year, based on their level of training and experience most highly and paid skills being: Vascular, plastic surgery, and Open Heart. Most surgical techs earn around $45,010 annually or $21.64 per hour. Opportunities to advance in this growing field are plentiful for individuals who pursue additional training and gain on-the-job experience.

The starting surgical technologist salary is approximately $27,956 a year, which may not be very fulfilling, but the average surgical technician salary is quite satisfying. Surgical techs working in Home Health Care Services are the best paid averaging $62,420 annually. Technologists employed in Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools are next on the list, with an average yearly salary of $53,130.

The surgical tech salary will vary depending on:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Certification
  • Place of employment
  • Skills (robotics, open heart, vascular, plastic surgery etc.)

The field of surgical technology is a rapidly growing one, so if one has the necessary abilities, pursuing such a career is a wise step to make.

Job Description

Simply, surgical technicians could be considered as surgeons’ assistants. They have many various responsibilities before, during and after the surgery. First of all, the surgical technologist prepares the patient for surgery – washing, disinfection and transportation to the operating room. Also, one of the crucial tasks of a surgical tech is to provide sterile environment and instruments, which has a highly important role in the well being of the patients as well as assisting with preparing lab specimens, cutting sutures, holding retractors and other tasks during the procedure.

During surgery, the surgical tech must follow the surgeon’s orders and pass instruments, as well as monitor the patient’s condition and the conditions in the operating room. After surgery, the surgical tech usually transports the patient to the recovery room, but also cleans and disinfects the operating room. This kind of job requires excellent concentration and an ability to stand long hours. Surgical technologists must remain calm in stressful situations, as well as handle unpleasant sights well.


There are many surgical technology programs that take up to 9 months to complete and provide the candidate with a certificate, but employers prefer surgical technologists with an Associate’s degree. One can obtain such a degree by completing a suitable program, which usually lasts two years. These programs are provided by colleges and other educational institutions, but there are many offered online, too. Earning an Associate’s degree from an accredited program makes one eligible for the national certification, which is highly recommendable. One can choose from either:

Job Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics estimates that this profession will experience a 25% growth in the next six years. There are two main reasons why it is expected that there will be more job opportunities for surgical technicians. First of all, the population is growing older, so it is supposed that more surgeries will be performed. Also, there is a major development in surgical technologies, so qualified professionals able to assist surgeons will become a crucial part of the medical team.

70% of the surgical technologists work in hospital operating rooms and delivery rooms, but there are job opportunities for these professionals in other types of medical institutions, too, such as dental practices, specialty hospitals etc.