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Surgical Technician Bachelor's Degree

The surgical tech career is one of the fastest growing ones on the job market today. It is expected to develop faster than average, considering the fact that more surgeries will be needed as the population grows older. This, as well as the satisfaction and fulfillment this profession brings, is a reason good enough for everyone interested in this field to find out what it takes to succeed.

Education is certainly the crucial career starting point in every field. The job of a surgical technologist is a complex and highly responsible one with many duties and responsibilities, so one must be very prepared and should know what to expect before entering an operating room for the first time. There are several educational paths a surgical tech can choose from, these being amongst the most common: an associate’s degree, certificate or diploma. If one adds a national certification to his/her educational background, too, he/she will become a very valued and respected individual with a bright professional career ahead. Once you have attained an associate degree in surgical technology, you can then pursue the Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences or Health Services or in Healthcare Administration.

Surgical Tech Bachelor’s Degrees

Statistics show that most of the surgical technologists have obtained an Associate’s degree, a diploma or a certificate. However, getting a Bachelor’s degree (BS) in Health Sciences or in Health Services or Healthcare Administration would be a significant contribution to your competencies and could substantially increase your opportunities for career advancement, as well as the possibility for a better salary.

Entry Requirements for a Surgical Technologist Bachelor Degree

Most of the colleges require that their candidates have obtained or are in the process of obtaining an associate’s degree in surgical technology or in any of the allied health discliplines through a regionally accredited college.

Some colleges also require that you have with an active surgical tech license or certification. Depending on the school policy, a certain grade point average (GPA of 2.3 on a 4.0 scale) from college may also be requested. If the program includes internships in hospitals or clinics, a background check may be necessary.

Steps for Adminission Into a Surgical Tech Bachelor Degree Program

The first step is to do a little research and get the answer to the above questions on the entry requirements to determine whether you qualify for entry. Next a college advisor will seek copies of your transcripts and may conduct a telephone, online or face-to-face interview advising you how much of you existing studies and/or transfer credits can be applied and the courses that you would need to take to complete a bachelor's degree.

For those who wish to earn their Bachelor’s degree while continuing to work can do so as some colleges offer their programs online.

You should also note that some of the schools offer financial aid to cover some of the education expenses so enquire about scholarships, loans and other types of financial aid.

What to Expect in Surgical Tech Degree?

Generally the degree usually takes two years. Decide at the outset whether to attend classes on campus or enrol in an online program. The online programs offer more flexibility and are especially suitable for employed surgical techs. When it comes to the curriculum, the focus is put on:

  • Medical and surgical procedures,
  • Ethics, and
  • Health care

Human diseases and illnesses are studied, too, as well as liberal studies, epidemiology, behaviour studies, planning and administration of health work. These programs also include laboratory work and, of course, English and basic math and science. It is advisable for the candidates to have a strong previous knowledge, especially in the fields of math and science, in order to follow the curriculum without problems and achieve optimum results. Also, most of these programs pay special attention to preparing the students for real-life situations on the job, handling stress and working under pressure.

Additional Qualifications: It is highly recommendable for every ambitious surgical technician to obtain national certification, which is the highest credential one could earn in this field.

Obtaining a surgical technologist degree is a decision that should be carefully considered, since it requires dedication and hard work, but if you are seeking better career advancement opportunities, this path may well be worth the effort.

Featured Online and On-Campus Surgical Technology Schools Offering Bachelor's Degrees:

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